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Tech Innovation Challenge

Addressing the world’s most pressing challenges will require vision, agility, innovation, scale and energy. We are looking to partner with like-minded tech innovators to help address sustainable development goals in the key areas of infrastructure, data and social impact.

New: ShowMe Video Series

Season 2: Certification Top Tips

Hear guidance from the experts on preparing for, and gaining, your Cloud Pak Professional Certifications

NEW: Cloud Pak Sales Badges & Tech Certifications

There are now Sales Badges available for most Cloud Paks, and technical certifications for all Cloud Paks (now including Security!), to address job roles needed in today's market. Let the defined Learning Paths guide you to advance your skills and earn Know Your IBM incentives along the way...

Recent Events

Cloud Pak for Data Partner Tech Jam

Access, on-demand, the recordings from this recent Digital Event to go through an end-to-end technical deep dive on IBM Cloud Pak for Data, from installation to use cases.

Cloud Integration Digital Partner Summit

Hear the very latest updates and market guidance on the hottest technologies from IBM experts. From AIOps to Edge Computing, HyperAutomation & Multicloud Governance. Plus the future of Cloud Paks...!

Content by Cloud Pak

Cloud Pak for Applications

Modernise, Build & Run applications in any cloud.

Cloud Pak for Integration

Agile & secure integration to accelerate business.

Cloud Pak for Automation

Modernise business processes for agility and insight.

Cloud Pak for Data

Unlock insight with enhanced DataOps & accelerated AI.

Cloud Pak for Security

Rapid insight & accelerated response to security incidents.

Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

Visibility, Governance and Automation across the multicloud.

Cloud Pak for Data System

Optimised all-in-one cloud native Data & AI platform.

Cloud Pak System

Full-stack converged hardware optimised for IBM Cloud Paks.

Enablement Event Calendar

Access all the latest enablement events, available either Digitally or Locally, Upcoming or On Demand. A huge number of sessions are available for Executives, Sellers, Marketeers and Technical staff, searchable by role and technology area.

Technical Resources

Tech Enablement

Red Hat Learning

Learning Journeys for Red Hat OpenShift and more

Cloud Pak Experiences

Explore the power of Cloud Paks in a 7-day guided journey

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Blogs and articles

Blogs from IBM and Business Partner experts on Cloud Paks and related topics.


Audio podcasts from IBM-ers and Partners, for easy consumption on the move.


The best video content related to Cloud Paks, relevant technologies, case studies and more.


Access replays of the most relevant and useful webinar content produced by IBM.