Management capabilities include:

  • Event management 
  • Infrastructure management
  • Application management 
  • Multicluster management 
  • Edge management, and 
  • Integration with existing tools and processes

Questions to ask your clients:

  • Is your IT environment (infrastructure, apps, and data) operating as you originally intended? In what ways is it not?
  • How will you tie in management of your legacy environment?
  • What are your top management challenges? For example: automation, provisioning, compliance and security, capacity, container management, application performance management, hybrid and multicloud management, or other...

IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

Wherever your applications reside — from on premises to the edge, this award winning, open technology is platform-agnostic and supports both VM and container management. 

Enable your clients with multicloud visibility, governance, and automation for an integrated management solution, which runs and manages workloads on Red Hat OpenShift. 

Resources to position, market and sell IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management 

IBM Multicloud Manager

Accelerate innovation using a single dashboard that  brings your clouds together for greater visibility, security and automation for seamless multicloud management.

IBM Cloud Event Management

Automatically highlights priority incidents based on pre-defined criteria and policy options to help ensure mission critical incidents are resolved quickly.

IBM Cloud App Management

A cloud-native management platform for application modernization helping DevOps and Operations teams manage applications in a hybrid cloud environment.

IBM Cloud Automation Manager

Provision cloud infrastructure and accelerate application delivery into IBM Cloud, OpenStack, Amazon EC2, VMware vSphere, VMware NSXv, and Azure cloud environments with a single user experience.

Additional management solutions

Including IBM Cloud Pak System 

IBM Cloud Pak System

Comes pre-packaged with hardware that enables clients to deploy in less than one day.  The guide included helps install and configure the Cloud Paks as well as enabling deployment of VM and container-based workloads.

IBM Netcool Operations Insights

Empower your IT operations to rapidly identify, isolate and resolve problems before they impact your business services.

IBM Operations Analytics

Turn terabytes of big data from your IT operations into relevant and actionable insights for quicker problem solving and better service.

IBM Workload Automation

A complete solution for batch and real-time workload management, available for distributed mainframe or hosted in the cloud.