Does your client need the DevOps add-on? Yes if your client...

  • Needs continuous delivery automation
  • Has applications that run on-prem, on VMs, like on WAS
  • Has applications that run on public clouds
  • Needs control and visibility to apps on ICP Kube or Open Shift with many containers
  • Is looking for audit reports to document what has been deployed when, by whom, and where
  • Is looking for data analytics to help improve operations

Why DevOps with IBM?

  • Clients modernizing applications will have a mix of new and existing applications to consider
  • Use Cloud Pak for Applications DevOps add-on for continuous delivery to multi-cloud (traditional VMs on WAS, IBM Z, containers, public/private clouds)
  • When your client has many delivery pipelines due to many teams developing and delivering products, Velocity can orchestrate the various pipelines. 

Help clients build their hybrid cloud strategy with IBM DevOps

To develop a business case for adopting DevOps, your clients must understand the business need for it, including the challenges that it can address. Discover how IBM DevOps can help accelerate your clients’ journey.

IBM Cloud Pak for Applications

A faster, more secure way to help clients move their core business applications to any cloud through enterprise - ready containerized software  solutions.

  • Optimized set of frameworks and runtimes for cloud native and traditional development
  • Accelerates application development with governance
  • Protects client investment — allows modernization at their pace

Access key resources to help you position, market and sell IBM DevOps

IBM Cloud Pak for Applications DevOps add-on

Deploy anything anywhere. Works with traditional WebSphere enabling a consistent experience and orchestrating across teams and pipelines of choice.

• IBM UrbanCode Velocity

• IBM UrbanCode Deploy

IBM Cloud Pak System

Comes pre-packaged with hardware that enable clients to deploy in less than one day.  The Guide included helps install and configure the Cloud Paks as well as enabling deployment of VM and container-based workloads.

IBM Rational Testing

Helps software testing teams test earlier and more frequently as part of a DevOps approach. It validates the scalability of web and server applications, identifies the presence and cause of system performance bottlenecks and reduces load testing.

IBM Cloud DevOps for Hybrid Deployment

The IBM Cloud DevOps for Hybrid Deployment bundle helps application teams deliver new products and services to the market more quickly and with higher quality. This bundle includes continuous integration, deployment automation and release management capabilities to help enterprises accelerate product delivery.