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Resources to help you sell Digital Business Automation solutions

DBA Sales webinar series

If you want to stay informed about DBA solutions —  this is a series of calls you cannot miss! See the upcoming call schedule and access the replays below.

Customer Journey Maps

A Business Partner guide on how DBA clients can transition from IBM on-premise offerings to the Cloud.

Digital Business Automation trade up

See how the trade up process works, general guidance and download the trade up form.

IBM Cloud Paks run on Red Hat OpenShift

The automation platform for business leaders

Digital transformation is about more than wringing cost out of your back-office processes. It’s about creating engaging customer experiences. A business automation platform enables you to digitize and automate entire front- and back-office operations with speed and scale, while providing real-time insight into your business.

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation

Design, build and run automation applications and services on any cloud, using pre-integrated automation technologies and low-code tools.

  • Improve employee productivity by automating mundane clerical tasks and assisting knowledge work
  • Accelerate customer-facing processes and ensure consistent experiences
  • Increase visibility by collecting and visualizing operational data to optimize business processes

Featured products of the IBM automation platform

Automation, strengthened by AI, is creating a new collaborative workforce of humans and machines — and the future of work is here.

Capture: IBM Business Automation Content Analyzer

IBM Business Automation Content Analyzer is a born on the cloud cognitive capture solution. It’s a cloud-based API service designed to work with any content or process system.

Capture: IBM Datacap

Capture and extract data from content. Automate the capture and management of unstructured data found in paper and electronic documents and create a significant competitive advantage.

Content: IBM Content Collector

IBM Content Collector is a family of products designed to collect, enhance and manage email, file systems and SAP® data and documents. Its capabilities identify and archive content based on business value and ensure that critical content is properly protected and retained.

Content: IBM Content Foundation

Share and manage enterprise content. Harness the insights found in unstructured data by securing, governing, understanding and automating access to your business content. 

Decisions: IBM Operational Decision Manager

Automate decisions with business rules. Make the right decisions at the right time by capturing, automating and managing repeatable business rules. 

Process mapping: IBM Blueworks Live™

Document and model business processes in the cloud to collaboratively discover, design and manage business processes across your organization.

Process Mapping: IBM Enterprise Records

IBM Enterprise Records provides content, processes and connectivity to help an organization maintain and provide a record of compliance for electronic and physical records. The comprehensive solution enables an organization to streamline records-based activities and help enforce compliance with retention policies, with or without user participation.

Process Mapping: IBM Records Manager

IBM Records Manager is a records management engine that enhances business applications to offer robust and rich electronic records management capabilities. Records Manager provides consistent and extensive records management capacity to handle both electronic and physical information assets.

Tasks: IBM Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere

Use bots to automate human tasks. Automate with robotic process automation (RPA) the highly repetitive tasks normally performed by humans

Workflow: Business Automation Workflow

Business Automation Workflow combines business process management and case management capabilities in one workflow solution.

Cloud Pak System

Comes pre-packaged with hardware that enable clients to deploy in less than one day.  The Guide included helps install and configure the Cloud Paks as well as enabling deployment of VM and container-based workloads.

Who can sell

To sell IBM Digital Business Automation solutions, you must be a member of IBM PartnerWorld, a global marketing and enablement program designed to support IBM Business Partners. You must also become an IBM Channel Sales Value Rewards (CVR) authorized Business Partner to sell these solutions.

Get skilled

IBM PartnerWorld has identified high-value capabilities that are essential for driving clients into the digital era. By mastering the right competencies, you can offer clients unmatched value that generates business growth and revenue.