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Unlocking the value with AI-powered Automation

Automation simplifies how businesses operate. AI accelerates innovation by making every process more intelligent. Combining the two will make information-centric jobs more productive. Companies can apply AI-powered automation to manage complex technology environments and simplify workflows and tasks, all of which reduce costs and give back time so that people can focus on what is most strategic. 

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What's new

IBM announces intent to acquire Turbonomic

Turbonomic is Application Resource Management and Network Performance Management software which optimizes application performance, maintains compliance, and reduces costs in real time. Know the exact resources that contribute to user response time and prevent resource congestion, so users get the response times needed and IT staff spends less time troubleshooting, more time innovating.

Momentum Builds for AI-Powered Automation

We are excited to announce that IBM is acquiring myInvenio, an Italy-based process mining software company, enabling us to provide customers with end-to-end #AI-powered automation capabilities and quantifiable process improvement benefits. 

Announcing IBM® WebSphere® Automation.

IBM WebSphere Automation software can help reduce costs and increase ROI. Use it to enable teams to optimize their operations, respond to incidents efficiently, and promote stronger security of their IT estate. 

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Business Automation

Learn how to help your clients to start their hyperautomation journey Business Automation today

Cloud Pak for Business Automation

Quickly scale up or down to meet fluctuating customer demand, rapidly create new products and services to gain competitive advantage, and increase the productivity of remote and onsite workers.  

Robotic Process Automation

Use attended and unattended bots to build robust automations that augment the work done by your human workforce.

Integration & Applications

Automate integrations to improve application speed and quality

Cloud Pak for Integration

Help deliver a new, AI-accelerated approach to integration that enables extended teams to create integrations, leverage a complete set of integration styles, and embed AI and automation across the integration lifecycle. 

IBM® WebSphere® Automation

Automate IBM WebSphere operations to quickly unlock value with increased security, resiliency and performance. IBM WebSphere Automation enables teams to modernize and secure their IT estate, respond to incidents efficiently, and optimize WebSphere operations. 

WebSphere Hybrid Edition

Give clients the choice to right-size and modernize their existing WAS environments, however they choose to deploy. Includes complementary value-add options to facilitate the modernization to cloud native and Red Hat OpenShift.


Help your clients be successful by ensuring they embrace automated operations and intelligent management - on prem, in the cloud or on the edge

Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps

Infused AI for Intelligent IT Operations. Efficiency, cost savings and a foundation built in DevSecOps to gain meaningful business value from IT operations. 

IBM Observability by Instana APM

A leading enterprise observability and application performance monitoring platform that continuously and automatically discovers, maps, and monitors all hosts and applications, whether they are running on bare metal, virtual machines, or containers.

Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

Wherever your clients applications reside — from on premises to the edge, our award winning, open technology is platform-agnostic and supports both VM and container management. 

5G Telco Cloud & Edge

Automate to reduce operational costs and deliver new 5G and edge services

Cloud Pak for Network Automation

An AI-powered telco cloud platform that enables the automation of network operations so Communications Service Providers (CSPs) evolve to zero-touch operations, reduce OPEX and deliver services faster.

Edge Application Manager

An intelligent and flexible platform that provides autonomous management, so a single administrator can manage the scale, variability and rate of change of application environments across tens of thousands of endpoints simultaneously.

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