AI Applications webinar: Build resilient business operations for client success

Join us to hear about a new approach to promoting the vision and the approach to reaching clients, key offerings, and helpful resources to help you reach your customers to transform their business operations.

Essentials for Emerging Smarter

As organizations are rethinking how business works, many will be faced with a big question: What’s next? 

Access resources to help you reach out to your clients, start conversations and help them move towards a smarter future as they continue on their unique COVID-19 journeys.

Why edge computing is essential to your connected operations strategy

Much has been said about the growth of IoT devices and the sheer volume of data they generate.  IDC predicts that “every connected person in the world will have at least one digital data interaction every 18 seconds — likely from one of the billions of IoT devices, which are expected to generate over 90 ZB of data in 2025.” 

Academies for Business Operations and Supply Chain

Free and on-demand: Six solution-focused digital academies designed to help clients transform their enterprise operations and supply chains through intelligent insights and execution. 


Enterprise asset management

Deliver the power of analytics, IoT and AI to clients’ operations that help reduce risk and costs as well as improve efficiency.

Facilities management

Assist clients with making more informed business decisions by better understanding their facilities through the use of data, analytics and AI.

Systems engineering

Help clients manage change, compliance, configuration, quality, requirements and traceability to help reduce product development costs and get to market faster than ever.

Watson Works

A set of products, available for COVID19 return-to-workplace efforts, which embeds Watson AI models and applications.

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