Modernization upgrade program: Modernization met with versatility

Available for users of Db2, DataStage, SPSS Modeler, CPLEX Decision Optimization, Cognos Analytics, Planning Analytics and more. 

Help clients make their data ready for an AI and multicloud world

Cloud Pak for Data is a single, unified data platform that accelerates client  preparedness for AI. 

  • Deploy a multicloud information architecture for AI
  • ONE cloud-native platform across any private or public cloud
  • Virtualization to collect data, regardless of where it lives

Simplify how clients collect, organize, and analyze data

  • DataOps to create trusted virtual data pipelines for self-service
  • Unified data and AI cloud services that are open and easily extensible
  • Dynamically scale on-demand to accommodate changing needs

Make data simple and accessible for your clients

Hybrid Data Management provides your clients with a platform to manage all data types across all sources and destinations. 

  • Collect data with a common SQL engine and data virtualization
  • Deploy data warehouses with always on resiliency and scalability
  • Scale real-time data ingestion and analytics simultaneously

One place to find it all

  • Store and query all types of data – structured, semi or unstructured
  • Optimize with AI:  Graph, Python, ML-SQL, confidence based query, etc.
  • Tap into open source data - MongoDB, Cloudera, Postgres, Cloudant, Parquet

Help your clients create a business-ready analytics foundation

DataOps provides the components clients need to make data easily and securely available across cloud platforms.

  • Cleanse, integrate & catalog all types of data, regardless of source
  • Automate virtual data pipelines for self service analytics
  • Ensure governance & lineage of your data regardless of where it resides

Data your clients can trust

  • Deploy self-service data lakes with persona-based experiences
  • Gain 360-degree, business-ready views of hybrid information
  • Streamline data privacy, policy and compliance controls

Allows clients to build and scale AI with trust and explainability

Data Science enables clients to provide holistic and collaborative analysis of all data types, and empowers them to economically extract meaning from, and interpret, complex data sets. 

  • Prep data and build, run and manage AI models within one unified experience
  • Lower required skill levels with automated AI generation
  • Apply predictive, prescriptive, and statistical analysis

Your clients can harness the power of their data

  • Build upon the open source frameworks of your choice
  • Continuously evolve models based on accuracy analytics, quality controls
  • Detect bias and ensure linear decision explainability and compliance

Clients can operationalize AI throughout their business

Watson Applications provide your clients with visibility into their AI models, helping to explain AI algorithms and ensure fair outcomes.

  • Speed time to value with pre-built AI apps for common use case (e.g., customer service, financial planning)
  • Automate knowledge work and business processes
  • Employ AI-assisted business intelligence and data visualization

Your clients can manage production AI

  • Automate planning, budgeting and forecasting analytics
  • Customize with Industry vertical AI-driven frameworks
  • Innovate with new business models intelligently powered by AI 

Cognos and Planning Analytics

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