What is Data Governance?

Data governance is the overall management of data availability, relevancy, usability, integrity and security in an enterprise. It helps organizations manage their information knowledge and answer questions, such as:

  • What do we know about our information?
  • Where did this data come from?
  • Does this data adhere to company policies and rules?

Explore Data Governance products

Watson Knowledge Catalog

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog powers intelligent, self-service discovery of data, models and more, activating them for artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. Access, curate, categorize and share data, knowledge assets and their relationships, wherever they reside.


  • AI fueled by data
  • Intelligent recommendations
  • Collaboration with trusted information

InfoSphere Virtual Data Pipeline

IBM InfoSphere Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP) provides automated tools to help swiftly achieve DevOps goals by accelerating data delivery, test data management, and application development. With the self-service features allow almost instant refresh of test data without DBA assistance.


IBM InfoSphere Optim solutions manage data from requirements to retirement. They boost performance, empower collaboration, and improve governance across applications, databases and platforms. By managing data properly over its lifetime, organizations are better equipped to support business goals with less risk.

Stored IQ Suite

The StoredIQ Suite provides an in-depth assessment of unstructured data where it resides, providing organizations visibility into data to make more informed business and legal decisions. It delivers a powerful search function that accelerates the understanding of large amounts of unstructured content.

Industry Models

An IBM Industry Data Model is a pre-built model specifically designed for an industry’s data needs. IBM Industry Data Models can jumpstart an organization down the path towards a comprehensive analytics environment by applying proven best practices in data modelling to self-contained units of business functionality.

Information Governance Catalog

IBM Information Governance Catalog is an interactive, web-based tool that enables users to create, manage, and share an enterprise vocabulary and classification system in a central catalog. IBM Information Governance Catalog helps users to understand the business meaning of their assets and provides search, browse, and query capabilities.