What's new in Data Science?

Webinar | May 21 @ 12 pm ET

Predict and Optimize: Decision Optimization in Watson Studio

Webinar | June 11 @ 11 am ET

Simplify complex decisions with optimization and data science

Data Science Lifecycle

From experimentation to production-level data science

Data Science Messaging Guides

Messaging guides for SPSS Modeler, Watson Explorer, Decision Optimization, SPSS Statistics &  Data Science Experience

Help clients change the trajectory of their business with Data Science

Would you like to help your clients draw out hidden insights and put data to work in the cognitive era? Introduce them to IBM Data Science offerings, that combine predictive analytics, machine learning, statistics, advanced analysis and programming; and help your clients increase their market impact. 

Explore all Data Science solutions

Data Science products combine proven data, analytics and AI technology and are available on the cloud, on premises or in hybrid deployments

Watson Studio

Accelerate the machine and deep learning workflows required to infuse AI into your business. Prepare and analyze data; build and train AI & machine learning models.

Watson Machine Learning

IBM Watson Machine Learning helps data scientists and developers work together to accelerate the process of moving to deployment and integrate AI into their applications. By simplifying, accelerating and governing AI deployments, it enables organizations to harness machine learning and deep learning to deliver business value.

Watson OpenScale

Watson OpenScale tracks and measures outcomes from AI across its lifecycle, and adapts and governs AI to changing business situations - for models built and running anywhere.

Predictive Analytics

Transform raw data into business insights through the use of advanced analytics capabilities, statistical analysis, predictive modeling, machine learning, data mining, text analytics, optimization and real-time scoring.

Prescriptive Analytics

Help organizations make better decisions by optimizing trade-offs between business goals, rules and constraints on available resources, whether you want to decide on a configuration, a design, a plan, or a schedule.