Why partners want to sell Cloud Pak for Data

What's new in Cloud Pak for Data

NEW —  Cloud Pak for Data Growth Segment sales and pricing play

Business Partners with clients in the Growth Segment can now take advantage of a new worldwide sales and pricing play for Cloud Pak for Data. 

Available for Growth Segment clients, this play has discounted pricing on both Cloud Pak for Data Native edition and Cloud Pak for Data Enterprise edition

Cloud Pak for Data deployment options

Help your clients deploy Cloud Pak for Data in an environment that makes the most sense for them.   

Data Virtualization

If your clients aren't resonating with the AI message or vision, they will understand the need for data virtualization.   IBM Cloud Pak for Data provides all the benefits of data virtualization and helps clients  manage their data better.

Key Cloud Pak for Data enablement and sales assets

Quickly access a few key resources to help you kick off 2020! 

Migrate your Netezza clients today

The IBM Performance Server for PostgreSQL is 100% compatible with Netezza and the Pure Data System for Analytics (PDA).  Clients can be operational in 4 hours.

Top use cases 

Modernize data workloads

Adopt a cloud-native architecture while keeping data where you want it. Build once and deploy anywhere, provision and scale in minutes and increase your agility to realign your workloads with your business needs.

Simplify data compliance

Gain visibility into your ever-changing data landscape and help prevent data misuse. Simplify data policy, protection and compliance management with automated tools and machine learning.

Operationalize AI

Climb the ladder to AI faster with the right information architecture. Build, train and deploy machine learning and AI models and unify them with data they rely on.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data products

Cloud Pak for Data 

Make data simple and accessible, creating a trusted analytics foundation.

Cloud Pak for Data System

An integrated, end-to-end platform that is cloud-native by design, architected as services and containerized workloads. It offers instant, pre-assembled provisioning and has capabilities to collect, organize and analyze data.

Cloud Pak for Data Services

As an extensible data and AI platform, IBM Cloud Pak™ for Data has the ability to utilize multiple cloud-native services to scale your data and AI initiatives.

Cloud Pak for Data for financial services

Advance your client’s digital transformation, customer experience and crime detection with solutions customized for the financial services industry.

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Modernize — Help clients make their data ready for an AI and multicloud world

Who can sell

To sell Cloud Pak for Data products, you must be a member of IBM PartnerWorld, a global marketing and enablement program designed to support IBM Business Partners. You must also become an IBM Channel Sales Value Rewards (CVR) authorized Business Partner.

Get skilled

IBM PartnerWorld has identified high-value capabilities that are essential for driving clients into the digital era. By mastering the right competencies, you can offer clients unmatched value that generates business growth and revenue. Also be sure to review the enablement roadmaps for technical and sales skills.