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What's new in Business Analytics

Ask me anything! webinar series 

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IBM Planning Analytics demonstrates significant financial impact!

Forrester concluded that IBM Planning Analytics has a three-year financial impact of:

  • 63% Time saved in completing annual budgeting cycles
  • 80% Faster planning system processing
  • 20% Time saved in completing forecasts

Cloud will account for just about all of the incremental growth in Business Analytics

Make sure you get your share!  Learn about the financial benefits of migrating Cognos applications to the Cloud so you will be  ready to address your clients' needs - and future - with the functionally superior and competitively priced Cognos on Cloud.

Business Analytics client stories

This presentation showcases clients and Business Partners who are thought leaders and shares their stories of how IBM is helping them turn challenges into opportunities for growth.   


Clients can operationalize AI throughout their business 

Featured products

Cognos Analytics

One analytics solution for the entire organization. Find precise and timely answers from your data or from content built by others. Create compelling reports and dashboards which you can easily distribute throughout your organization. Use automated alerts to monitor changes to key findings. Confidently and quickly take actions to improve your business.

Planning Analytics

Automate your planning, budgeting, forecasting, analysis & scorecarding processes into one solution. Integrate financial results and analysis with operational plans for faster execution. Model information and gain insights, communicate using compelling visualizations, make predictions and perform what-if analysis to test alternative assumptions.

IBM Watson 

Accelerate the deployment of AI through out-of-the box solutions & application building blocks.

Cloud Pak for Data

Simplify and automate how clients turn data into insights by unifying the collection, organization and analysis of data, regardless of where it lives, within a multicloud data platform.

Who can sell 

To sell IBM Business Analytics products, you must be a member of IBM PartnerWorld, a global marketing and enablement program designed to support IBM Business Partners. You must also become an IBM Channel Sales Value Rewards (CVR) authorized Business Partner.

Get skilled

IBM PartnerWorld has identified high-value capabilities that are essential for driving clients into the digital era. By mastering the right competencies, you can offer clients unmatched value that generates business growth and revenue.