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Build a simple AI chatbot in 10 minutes for free, or create an advanced AI chatbot to address more advanced client and customer service needs.

1-year free trial


Included in this trial:

  • Watson Assistant: 100,000 API calls per month, 10 workspaces (or chatbots), 200 intents, 200 entities
  • Wordpress integration
  • 1 technical consultation
  • 1 code pattern

Offer only available to new IBM Cloud partners. Sign up with a valid business email address.

After the 1-year trial you only pay for what you use, on a PAYGO basis, or you can elect to upgrade to the subscription plan.

Monthly subscription


(Exclusive price for new IBM Cloud partners)

Included in this subscription:

  • Watson Assistant: 100,000 API calls per month, 20 workspaces (or chatbots), 2000 intents, 1000 entities
  • Wordpress integration
  • 2 technical consultations
  • 2 code patterns

Any usage above the allocation included in the subscription is billed on a PAYGO basis.


Create a cognitive retail chatbot

Learn how you can create an easily configurable, retail-ready Watson assistant-based chatbot that lets a user find items to purchase and then add and remove items from their cart.

Create a cognitive banking chatbot

Use IBM Watson Node.js SDK to create a chatbot that includes conversation interaction, anger detection, natural language understanding, and answer discovery.

It’s estimated that chatbots for customer service will help businesses save $8 billion per year by 2022.

Learning paths

Build Your Own Chatbot Learning Path

This chatbot learning path provides a practical introduction that will teach you everything you need to know to plan, build, and deploy your first chatbot.

Included courses:

  • Build your own chatbot
  • Node-RED: basics to bots
  • Discover your inner chatbot
  • Create a cognitive banking chatbot



HelpSocial logo

See how HelpSocial is using Watson technology and cognitive chatbots to create new ways to bring contextual customer data into their customers’ service conversations.


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See how Opentopic created a cognitive bot through the power of IBM Watson to help marketers gain deep insights into unstructured data for personalization and prediction of campaigns and projects.

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