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(on demand)

How A Bulldog Trial Lawyer and a Brilliant Data Scientist Partnered with IBM Watson to Solve Law's Toughest Problem

By leveraging IBM's natural language processing and concept extraction algorithms, John Snyder and Mac Macartney, co-founders of Agnes Intelligence, have created an entirely new technique for searching and reviewing unstructured data.

Snyder, a trial lawyer, and Mac, a data scientist, will demonstrate two related technologies:

  • Their next-generation audio / video search platform, which enables the user to upload, search, and review "spoken word" data — not just by keyword, but also by concept.
  • The Agnes Legal Platform, which integrates search of audio, video, or textual data into a comprehensive legal eDiscovery process.

They will also discuss their close collaboration and share their perspectives on building Cloud AI systems for use in a legal setting.

It’s estimated that chatbots for customer service will help businesses save $8 billion per year by 2022.



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See how Opentopic created a cognitive bot through the power of IBM Watson to help marketers gain deep insights into unstructured data for personalization and prediction of campaigns and projects.

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