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Best practices for replicating data to IBM's cloud object storage

Keeping large scale data consistent and replicated is difficult. Join Mark Bartelo from WANdisco, a world leader in Active Data Replication, to learn how WANdisco's Live S3 technology can solve this data replication problem.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Understand typical use cases for WANdisco's Live S3 replication technology
  • View a live product demonstration of replication between AWS S3 and IBM COS object storage buckets

IBM Cloud Object Storage solution delivers 70% lower TCO than traditional on-premises storage.



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Migrating to an IBM Cloud environment, Bitly established a highly scalable hosting platform for low-latency delivery to enterprise customers around the world. In the process, the company developed an invaluable partnership with IBM that led to collaboration on innovative new sales and marketing initiatives.


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With an IBM Cloud hosting solution, Bluebee delivers a powerful offering that accelerates genomics data processing for labs and genomic service providers by up to 133.9 percent.

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