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IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service provides simplified cluster management, built-in security and isolation, all in a cloud-native, open-source environment.

1-year free trial


Included in this trial:

IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service:

  • 1TB of block storage
  • 5 worker nodes (virtual shared)
  • Each node has 4 CPUs and 16GB RAM
  • 1 technical consultation
  • 1 code pattern

Offer only available to new IBM Cloud partners.

After the 1-year trial, you only pay for what you use on a PAYGO basis, or upgrade to the subscription plan.

Monthly subscription


Included in this subscription:

IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service:

  • 1TB of block storage
  • 5 worker nodes (virtual shared)
  • Each node has 4 CPUs and 16GB RAM
  • 2 technical consultations
  • 2 code patterns

Any usage above the allocation included in the subscription is billed on a PAYGO basis.


Businesses reported a 75% drop in development lead times when they used container services.

Learning paths

Containers & Microservices Learning Path

This containers & microservices learning path provides a practical introduction that will teach you how to manage your containers with Kubernetes and how you can make the most of microservices with Istio on IBM Cloud.

Included courses:

  • Getting Started with Containers on IBM Cloud
  • Getting started with Microservices with Istio and IBM Kubernetes Container Service



Sysdig logo

Sysdig built a container monitoring solution integrated with IBM Cloud platform-as-a-service and IBM Kubernetes Container Service.


NeuVector logo

NeuVector integrates with IBM Kubernetes Container Service to deliver a cloud-native container firewall for monitoring and protecting Kubernetes container deployments in production.

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