Blockchain + your solution

Cut out the middleman and improve the time it takes to execute business transactions with IBM Blockchain.


Build a blockchain network to process business transactions using smart contracts and create efficiencies for your customers.

6-month free trial


Included in this trial:

Enough capacity to prototype, build and test your blockchain business application.

Production grade features included:

  • Create a standard Kubernetes cluster in a single zone (4 vCPUs and 16GB of virtual RAM, which is shared between all the nodes in your cluster)
  • Deploy the IBM Blockchain Platform to the Kubernetes cluster
  • Configure your blockchain network using the tools provided by IBM Cloud
  • Code your smart contracts with Javascript, Java, or GO - Made easy with Visual Studio Code extensions

Offer only available to new IBM Cloud partners.

After the 6-month trial you only pay for what you use, on a PAYGO basis, or you can elect to speak with our Sales professionals to create a subscription plan that works for you.


IDC expects rapid expansion of worldwide Blockchain spending, with average growth of over 80% per year to $9.7B by 2021.


Gliding Eagle Systems

Gliding Eagle Systems logo

Gliding Eagle Systems used IBM Blockchains to build a direct and transparent international distribution system from American producers to Chinese consumers, without any middlemen in China.


SecureKey logo

SecureKey provides a Blockchain-based network for Canadian Banks, enabling Banking consumers to share their permission-based data to other service providers (e.g., DMV, Telcos and potential landlord) to prove identity and credit-worthiness.

Energy Blockchain Labs Inc.

Energy Blockchain Labs logo

Using IBM Blockchain technology, Energy Blockchain Labs created an efficient, transparent platform that allows high-emission organizations to meet quotas by buying carbon credits from low emitters.

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