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See how IamI Authentications Inc. uses IBM Cloud to prevent and monitor data breaches in real time.



See how startup BlocPower uses Watson Data Platform to bring energy efficiency to New York City.

See how Ubisoft is using Watson-powered VR Speech Sandbox in their new game, Star Trek: Bridge Crew.


Simple C

See how Simple C uses IBM Cloud and IBM Watson to provide therapies for individuals living with dementia and related cognitive disorders."



See how Influential uses Watson APIs to match brands with AI influencers through transparent data and machine learning.

See how IQventures uses IBM Watson Tone Analyzer to Natural Language Understanding to enhance their customer service.

See how BMSIX uses VMware on IBM Cloud to move clients to the cloud in minutes versus months, driving revenue growth and global expansion.

See how Iris.TV uses Watson machine learning API’s to transform the way people discover video content.


Shimmy Technologies

See how Shimmy Technologies uses Watson to make gathering swimsuit measurements flexible and efficient.


Bernhardt Furniture

See how Bernhardt Furnishings uses IBM Cloud to go paperless and modernize their shopper's experience through a “virtual showroom.”

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