Sell your solution built with IBM technology

Scale and monetize your cloud solution more quickly by leveraging IBM’s Embedded Solutions Agreement (ESA). An ESA provides many benefits, including:

  • Your solution. Your branding. You own the relationship with your clients.
  • Predict costs with commitment-based pricing for IBM technology.
  • Generate demand with co-marketing and growth funds.
  • Reach new clients with IBM’s global network of clients, partners and sellers.
  • Market your solution to a worldwide audience within IBM’s Global Solutions Directory.


3 steps to build and sell with IBM

Get a cloud account

If you're new to IBM Cloud, you can request USD 12,000 IBM Cloud credits at no cost. Sign up and start exploring technologies.

Access partner resources

Learn, develop and test your solution with exclusive partner resources. Become a partner and receive a no-cost Entry package through 12/31/2020.

Sell your solution

Use IBM’s Embedded Solutions Agreement (ESA) to get flexible pricing and go to market support.

What’s the market opportunity for cloud solution providers? Forrester principal analyst Jay McBain explains the industry outlook.

See how cloud partners have scaled with IBM

Houston Analytics

Taking advantage of IBM’s ESA, Houston Analytics offers smaller organizations AI capabilities priced to match their requirements.


Working under an ESA, Levitar bundles expertise, IBM Cloud and software into one solution with one payment for its clients.

TIMETOACT and ClearObject

Two partners discuss the advantages and opportunities realized from collaborating with other partner companies.

Leverage partner benefits to scale and go to market faster

Pave new avenues for growth and unlock exclusive benefits when you join PartnerWorld, IBM’s global ecosystem of partners and experts.

Get unparalleled support

The IBM Partner Support Desk offers 1:1 support to help you reach and serve your customers and clients.

Skill up with training

Learn and understand IBM technologies with best-in-class technical support, training and education.

Collaborate with other partners

Multiply your opportunities and build new solutions when you connect with other partners.

Generate demand for your solution

Access marketing templates and content, and promote your solution to IBM clients, sellers and other partners.

Ready to get started? Learn about IBM’s Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA) and apply to start selling your solution.