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Market trends

Enterprise demand for solutions, consumable on any cloud, will drive over 60% of ISVs to re-architect or build new cloud native applications by 2023.¹

If your customers are considering technologies like cloud or AI, they expect a lot from you. They demand complex, integrated solutions with streamlined buying experiences. They want something innovative to transform their business. And they aren’t interested in waiting. They expect you to be able to build, launch and deliver what they need seamlessly, every time.

It’s tough to do all that at scale and on your own.

And as companies continue to move and build more mission-critical workloads on the cloud, it’s increasingly important for ISVs and other cloud solution providers to embrace an open hybrid cloud strategy to deploy on any cloud with speed and agility. Even the most regulated industries will move to hybrid cloud thanks to new security technologies.

Each client is unique and a “one-cloud-fits-all” approach doesn’t work. That’s why, whether you are moving an existing application to the cloud or building something new, IBM is here as your trusted partner to help you make the journey to cloud a success.

A hybrid multicloud platform drives 2.5 times more value than a single-cloud approach.²

Working with IBM

We understand what you need:

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  • Open and secure technology that makes your products and services better
  • Technical support through the integration process with your products
  • Entry into markets where you don’t already have access
  • A steady pipeline of qualified leads

That’s why over the next three years, IBM is investing USD 1 billion into the IBM cloud ecosystem. We intend to provide our ISV partners with the technical resources and funding to build cloud-based products and services that clients can deploy anywhere, while keeping true to security and compliance needs.

IBM’s open, hybrid multicloud approach and enterprise-ready AI empowers you to flexibly manage your clients’ requirements while ensuring data privacy and security.

As a partner, you can leverage resources — such as 1:1 technical consultations and proven code patterns — that will help you speed development times and get you to market faster. And once launched, monetize and capitalize on your intellectual property more quickly by giving your solution global visibility to reach new clients through IBM’s network of sellers, partners and digital marketplaces.

Build once and deploy anywhere with speed


Drop in time to market at Assima.³

Future-proof your strategy with IBM’s cloud solutions and Red Hat® OpenShift® to move apps to any cloud without recoding.

Simplify cloud migration and reduce costs


Reduction in OpEx with IBM Cloud® Pak solutions.⁴

Get funds to defray development expenses, ease integration and create efficient cost models.

Accelerate revenue with custom go to market support


Number of countries where IBM operates.⁵

Access new sales channels and opportunities with IBM’s vast network of face to face sellers and digital marketplaces.

Partner benefits

As an IBM partner, you’ll have access to resources, tools and benefits designed to bring your valued IP together with IBM’s best-in-class technology, and we’ll stand ready to help you create unique client solutions with resiliency, at speed and scale no matter where you are in your journey.

Cloud credits

Kick-start proof of concept development and testing

Migration support

Get support and cost offsets to move applications to cloud

Expert technical support

Work with IBM’s architects, developers and data scientists

Accredited training

Broaden your team’s skills with accredited education and workshops

Solution validation

Certify your solution to reassure customers of your commitment to quality

Go-to-market support

Co-create marketing plans, showcase your solution globally and get deal closure assistance.

Become a partner

Build your solution

Migrating and modernizing products and services across hybrid cloud environments can be a demanding task on its own. The challenge is amplified if you have skill gaps with advanced technologies, limited resources, time constraints or even doubt adopting hybrid cloud is worth the cost and effort.

As a partner ISV, you have access to remote dev/test support, developer advocates, technical support teams and other resources to help you build and migrate cloud solutions when you need.

What’s more, you can also engage IBM’s Hybrid Cloud Build Team for hands-on assistance from IBM expert architects, developers and data scientists to help you:

Hybrid Cloud Build Team
(263 KB)

Define your technology stack

Co-create your hybrid cloud solution

Train your development team

Build a proof of concept or MVP

The result is modernized products that can run on virtually any platform, opening up new market opportunities and competitive advantages — not to mention the support, community and other benefits of being part of the IBM partner ecosystem.

There are a lot of details to handle when migrating to a different platform and ... we ran into a lot of challenges along the way. Together with IBM we were able to quickly overcome each [issue] ... so [migration] was a predictable path.

Robby Van Damme

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Go to market

You’ve done it. You’ve finished your development journey and now you have a solution that integrates IBM technology and is ready to sell. We’ll help you monetize your innovation, progress and close deals and become profitable more quickly.

Leveraging an IBM Embedded Solutions Agreement (ESA) has several key benefits:

Predict your costs

Know the pricing of IBM software for the duration of the contract, no matter who your customer is or where your company is located

Maintain total ownership

You own the solution, branding and relationship with your clients

Control the sales cycle

Deliver and price your offering without having to coordinate with an IBM seller or distributor

The flexible pricing and licensing offered by an IBM ESA along with an invaluable pay as you grow model, gives us previously undreamed of opportunities to market technology we can build out.

Antti Syväniemi
Houston Analytics

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