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What is IBM Partners?

IBM Partners is a global platform that helps partners integrate your solutions with leading-edge technologies and expand your customer base and opportunities globally.

Who is IBM Partners for?

IBM Partners platform is for technical experts who want to develop and deploy faster with technologies like data, AI, Cloud and blockchain. It's also for business leaders who want to showcase solutions on IBM Marketplace to gain easy access to our global community of partners, clients and developers.

What are the steps to becoming an IBM Partner?

You can become an IBM Partner in three simple steps:

  1. Sign up to access our partner tools and services.
  2. Get started for free with offers exclusive to new partners and integrate IBM technologies into your solution. Build faster with our code patterns and improve your knowledge through our learning paths.
  3. Reach new customers across the world by showcasing your solution on IBM Marketplace and sell globally.

Why should I partner with IBM?

Once you become a partner you can leverage our global ecosystem to expand your network and learn about how others build and sell with IBM, providing you insights on how you can better engage customers, grow your business and increase revenue.

As a mature startup growing your business or an independent software vendor (ISV) developing and selling cloud solutions, IBM can help you build innovative solutions, sell through our global sales channels and become a global business partner as you scale. Simply access leading edge technology, a global customer network and unrivaled expertise.

Start by choosing your role: technical expert or business leader.

Who qualifies for the IBM Partners platform?

  1. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in any industry who are developing and selling solutions (for startups, Startup with IBM).
  2. New ISVs who are not already building with IBM Cloud and not an existing business partner of IBM.
  3. Verified businesses approved for Embed Software Agreements.

What will I have access to when I join IBM Partners?

As an IBM Partner, you get access to core technology platforms to build with:

Build data capability into your solution. IBM Cloud Object Storage is designed for high durability, resiliency and security.

Build and deploy chatbots quickly and efficiently with IBM Watson Assistant's advanced capabilities and easy to use interface.

Ship all your applications in one agile, well-defined structure with IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service.

Build a secure business transaction network for your clients using blockchain and smart contracts using IBM Blockchain Platform Enterprise Edition.

How have others successfully partnered with IBM?

Discover how IBM has helped other businesses grow, expand and succeed.

How do I get in touch with support or IBM Partners experts?

Contact us now to chat, call or email. Additionally, if you are already enrolled in the program you can join our IBM Partners Open Forum following these steps:

  1. Go to the self-inviter page and request an invitation to join the IBM Partners Open Forum on Slack.
  2. When you receive the invitation in your email, click on Join Now and complete the steps to create your account.
  3. Once you are on the #ibm-partners-guests Slack channel, you can ask for help by typing in a question. The channel is monitored by IBM Developer Advocates.

Are there financial incentives or programs that IBM provides?

IBM Partners provides free capacity based offers to build with in key technology areas: Data, Cloud, AI and Blockchain to help partners integrate or embed IBM Cloud technology into their own solutions without having to pay for access during the build/test phase.

Why was my application for an IBM Partners offering declined?

Here are the most common reasons why your application may have been declined: 

  • You've already created an IBM Cloud account that is currently in subscription mode.
  • Your IBM Cloud trial account has expired. 
  • Your contact email address is not from your company's domain, or is from a free email service.
  • Your website is non-functioning.
  • The company description is incomplete or provides too little information.
  • Eligible partners (ISVs and Startups) must have a core foundation growing their own intellectual property as a standalone service or solution. If your company specializes in consulting, it does not qualify.
  • Your company is already enrolled in IBM Partners, Startup with IBM, or has already participated in an IBM credit-based program. 
  • Your application was deemed to be suspicious.

Who should I connect with if I have a question about my application? 

For specific questions related to your program application, send us an email at


Why should I build with IBM?

When you build with IBM, you reduce the cost by leveraging our technologies and learn how to build, deploy and manage your solutions at scale. You'll have access to our experts who can identify and integrate the technology and services that are so vital to the success of your business. You'll save time so you can monetize efficiently. Once you have built a solution with an IBM technology integrated or embedded into it, you'll be able to sell through our sales channels and partner with our sales team to expand your reach globally.

How does IBM help me develop my skills?

Build your competencies with our learning paths. These self-paced online courses will help you get certified with IBM technologies. Also, the easiest way to start building with IBM technologies is through our code patterns. So far, we've released more than 100 code patterns across data, AI, Cloud and blockchain. These reusable pieces of code help developers start building applications quickly, while also taking advantage of the most innovative features in the market today.

How do I get started?

Build with IBM in just three steps:

  1. Become a partner by creating your IBM ID.
  2. Select a technology area and apply for free trial or paid subscription.
  3. Once your application is accepted, you'll have access to the IBM Cloud dashboard where you can start building.

Are there community forums for technical product-related questions?

After you sign up, we'll send you a confirmation email that explains how to request an invitation to join our Open Forum. You'll be able to chat with our experts and get your technical, architectural and program specific questions answered.


How do I sell with IBM?

Sell with IBM in three easy steps:

  1. Integrate at least one IBM Cloud service into your solution and you're ready to sell with IBM. If you haven't yet, you can build with our exclusive offers.
  2. Create your solution listing on IBM Marketplace and gain global exposure to IBM customers and partners.
  3. Activate IBM as your sales channel to reach new types of buyers you can't reach alone.

What are the benefits of selling with IBM?

Get your solution in front of IBM's 25 million customers, visitors, partners and developers around the world. Access our self-publishing tool to easily list your solution on IBM Marketplace and enable it for purchase through our sales channels. Receive complimentary consultations any time through our open forum.