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ips = {}

fh = open("/var/log/nginx/access.log", "r").readlines()

for line in fh:

   ip = line.split(" ")[0]

   if 6 < len(ip) <=15:

     ips[ip] = ips.get(ip, 0) + 1

print ips

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Integrate your solutions with leading-edge IBM Cloud technologies to deliver more innovation and value to your clients.

Use your free IBM Cloud credits to access more than 130 unparalleled services including:

IBM Watson is the deep learning AI for business. Use any of the Watson services.

IBM Analytics helps you make your data simple and accessible.

IBM Security helps you assess and eliminate threats.

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Build data capability into your offering. IBM Cloud Object Storage is designed for high durability, resiliency and security.


Integrate conversational interfaces into any application. Build and deploy a virtual assistant — it's much more than just chatbot!


Build cloud-native, scalable applications with Red Hat® OpenShift® on IBM Cloud™.


Build a secure business transaction network for your clients using blockchain and smart contracts.

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The easiest way to start building with IBM technologies

So far, we’ve released more than 100 code patterns across Data, AI and Cloud. These reusable pieces of code help developers start building applications quickly, while also taking advantage of the most innovative features in the market today.

Check out these code patterns for building with data, AI, Cloud and blockchain.

Learning paths

Self-paced online courses to help you get certified with IBM technologies

Develop your competencies through our custom-designed learning paths and get certified in IBM technologies.


Cloud Object Storage — Data


Bitly logo

See how Bitly adopted IBM Cloud Object Storage to establish a highly scalable solution and manage its rapidly growing data environment more easily and cost-effectively.

Watson Assistant — AI


HelpSocial logo

HelpSocial is using Watson technology and cognitive chatbots to create new ways of bringing contextual customer data into their customers’ service conversations.

IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service — Cloud


NeuVector logo

NeuVector integrates with IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service to deliver a cloud-native container firewall for monitoring and protecting Kubernetes container deployments in production.

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