Artificial intelligence is becoming a crucial component of enterprises’ operations and strategy. But AI today is still largely the province of specialists.

To connect AI solutions to real-world problems, you need people who understand both AI and the problems you’re applying it to. In many industries, the only way to assemble both AI skills and industry domain knowledge is with a large, cross-disciplinary team, a fact that makes it expensive and risky to deploy AI.

Our mission is to address this problem by democratizing AI — to make AI technologies accessible to the practitioners that understand real-world problems, so that they themselves can develop AI solutions that solve these problems.

The core technologies behind today’s AI rely heavily on open-source software. Going from raw data to training data to models to solutions requires many open technologies, and it’s crucial that these technologies not only work well, but work well together. Our developers and data scientists are continually improving these frameworks with our targeted open source contributions, making them work better both individually and as an integrated pipeline. Hence our name — the Center for Open-Source Data and AI Technologies.

Who we are

We are a group of data scientists and open source developers headquartered in San Francisco and distributed around the world. CODAIT was formerly known as the Spark Technology Center. In addition to the Apache Spark data science stack, the Center’s expanded mission will include core frameworks for deep learning. We aim to make AI models dramatically easier to create, deploy, and manage in the enterprise.

Where to find CODAIT

Physical: 425 Market St, San Francisco, CA




Twitter: @codait_org