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Projects and the advantages of Git branching

By JJ Asghar | Published June 23, 2021

An example of the power that Red Hat OpenShift brings to the Kubernetes world

New collaborative data license agreement created to make sharing data sets easier

By Todd Moore, Ruchir Puri | Published June 22, 2021

Linux Foundation AI releases Community Data License Agreement v2 license, 364 words of data-sharing clarity

IBM contributes popular Node.js framework to the OpenJS Foundation

By Joe Sepi, Diana Lau | Published June 2, 2021

Today at OpenJS World, IBM announced our contribution of LoopBack to the OpenJS Foundation as an incubating project.

Address your site's accessibility -- from MVP to a complete solution -- with a few simple clicks

By Si McAleer | Published May 17, 2021

Updates to the open source IBM Accessibility Checker make scanning entire sites and applications more effective

IBM joins Eclipse Adoptium and offers free certified JDKs with Eclipse OpenJ9

By Mark Stoodley, Samir Kamerkar | Published April 14, 2021

To preserve the Java community's open access to use Eclipse OpenJ9, IBM will build and publish Java SE TCK-certified JDK binaries with OpenJ9 at no cost, helping to build an Adoptium "marketplace" for JDK binaries.

The Zowe project: Build open source with open source

By Javier Perez | Published March 15, 2021

Learn how open source projects are created with open source to then be available for more open source and commercial products.

13 challenges creating an open, scalable, and secure serverless platform

By Michael Maximilien, Doug Davis, Julian Friedman, Tara Gu, Vincent Hou, Simon Moser, Aleksander Slominski, Belinda Vennam, Lionel Villard | Published March 3, 2021

What we learned during the evolution of the Knative open source project

4 reasons to join open source Project Alvearie and help solve healthcare's toughest problems

By Adam Orentlicher | Published February 16, 2021

Project Alvearie seeks to help healthcare tech professionals unlock and effectively use healthcare data to solve the biggest challenges in healthcare