Complimentary Zero Trust Framing & Discovery Workshop

  • Understand your ability to implement an effective Zero Trust strategy
  • Map use cases to the Zero Trust implementation strategy
  • Gain clarity and prioritisation on Zero Trust projects and initiatives
  • Address the impact of the changing regulatory environment



Respond faster and more efficiently

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IBM Security QRadar SOAR helps you minimize the duration and impact of a cyber-attack by automating manual tasks, therefore allowing your team to focus on high-value investigations.

Orchestrate and automate response

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The IBM Security QRadar SOAR open and agnostic platform integrates with your security infrastructure and establishes a central hub to maximize your security investments.

Make your response dynamic

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The IBM Security QRadar SOAR playbooks are dynamic and additive, providing your team with guidance to resolve incidents and with the agility and intelligence to adapt to incident conditions.

QRadar SOAR key features



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