Who knows more about protecting Z than Z people?

What zSecure Audit can do for your business

IBM® Security zSecure™ Audit measures and verifies the effectiveness of mainframe security policies for IBM Resource Access Control Facility (RACF®), CA-ACF2 and CA Top Secret Security. zSecure Audit generates reports to quickly locate problems associated with a particular resource — such as an unprotected data set — to provide vulnerability analysis of your mainframe infrastructure. It also provides a compliance framework for testing against industry regulations. As a result, you can reduce errors and improve overall quality of service.

Help eliminate outages

Avoid expense with a broad coverage of audit control points and security event records. Creates an audit trail by producing overview and detailed reports about system and user.

Deliver customized reports

Generates customizable reports when specific events occur or when there is a security breach to help quickly locate problems so you can reduce errors and improve service.

Help minimize security risk

Uses data analytics to detect system changes to help minimize security risks. Identifies changes in members of partitioned data sets and indicates whether a member was added, deleted or changed.

Gather and analyze critical information

Allows you to access live security data on mainframes running IBM z/OS® with RACF, ACF2 or Top Secret, delivering up-to-the-minute audit accuracy.

Key Features

  • Automated detection of security exposure or misconfiguration
  • Event collection from multiple products
  • Customizable reports
  • Integration with SIEMs including QRadar SIEM
  • Scalability for big data systems