Build digital identity trust with new and guest users

A comprehensive fraud evidence database

IBM Trusteer solutions analyze fraudulent patterns across organizations worldwide to identify and distinguish true customer patterns from fraudsters early in the new account creation process.

Mobile carrier intelligence

IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint Assure solution incorporates mobile carrier intelligence to help you assess the risk of fraudulent intent, allowing you to confidently let new customers in, while helping to keep fraudulent activity out.

Fraudulent pattern analysis

IBM Trusteer uses machine learning and advanced analytics to identify linkages in a multitude of data or proof points to detect and identify fraudulent patterns as part of the overall provided risk assessment.

Cross-organizational patterning

IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint Assure solution analyzes fraudulent patterns across organizations worldwide to help detect patterns across protected banks at a velocity and rate similar to those of known fraudsters.

How customers use it

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    Assess risk of new users


    Organizations have little profile information for new users to understand the risk involved in new account creation.


    Gain insight into the full context of the digital interaction to understand the risk and trust that should be assigned to the user.

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    Assess risk of unknown or guest users


    Organizations must often allow guest or one-time unknown users and have little options to verify their identity.


    Analyze the context of the digital interaction to determine risk factors and whether step up authentication should be performed.

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    Accelerate digital growth


    Security concerns hold back greater digital transformation business goals.


    Accelerate digital growth by establishing identity trust across all digital journeys.

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    Help reduce abandonment


    Frustrating security causes potential customers to abandon account creation.


    By transparently assessing new users for fraud risk, organizations can more seamlessly onboard less risky customers.

Technical details

Technical specifications

There are no system requirements to deploy this cloud based solution.

Software requirements

None required.

Hardware requirements

None required.

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