Drive operational efficiency to make your spaces smarter

With an IWMS, organizations have an unprecedented opportunity to capture and analyze their data and develop greater operational resiliency and effectiveness. This enterprise-wide view is critical: 83% of CFOs said they are looking to facilities and capital expenditure as a cost cutting opportunity.¹

As a comprehensive, market-leading IWMS, IBM TRIRIGA Application Suite gives you the power to go beyond simply optimizing your spaces, so you can react quickly to change and make strategic decisions for greater operational efficiency.

Effective capital planning

Start with a thorough facility condition assessment across your entire enterprise.

Make the most out of every square inch and meter of your space

Streamline lease administration and accounting

Improve lease management to right-size your space, reduce costs and analyze the financial impacts of potential disruptions.

Maximize operations and maintenance efficiency

Use preventative and condition-based maintenance to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Manage and extend capital projects

Improve project cycle time, eliminate budget over-runs, remove resource bottlenecks and analyze projects risks to improve planning decisions, for up to a 45% reduction in overall projects costs.²

Bolster sustainability management

Identify and evaluate opportunities to reduce energy use and the overall carbon footprint of your real estate portfolio.