Screenshot showing vegetation management territory map in IBM Weather Operations Center

Manage overgrowth, reduce outages

Proper asset management is always essential, but even more critical when assets include power line that can be threatened by vegetation overgrowth. Unfortunately, the established techniques and processes to deal with this issue are inefficient, and tend to adversely affect system costs and overall safety and reliability.

Vegetation Management, within the Environmental Intelligence Suite, is an end-to-end solution that leverages AI and advanced analytics to regularly assess the state of vegetation across the entire service territory. It also identifies those high-risk circuits or corridors that will most likely receive the largest impacts from vegetation overgrowth. Vegetation Management even calculates scores and KPIs to assist you in prioritizing projects — helping drive decision-making from planning, bidding and contracting all the way through to work inspection and auditing.

Benefits of Vegetation Management


Automatically assess vegetation growth occurring near hundreds of miles of power lines.


Prioritize areas where vegetation may threaten power lines.

Cost efficiency

Optimize workloads for preventive maintenance and rapid response, at a fraction of the usual cost.

Deepen your knowledge of vegetation management

Composite of two workers walking to trucks and one worker next to tall grass field

Improve resilience

Learn how to incorporate AI into vegetation management programs.

Two managers viewing lighted vegetation map

The Increasing Importance of Advanced Weather Technologies

Learn how utilities can combine AI and machine learning with modern modeling techniques and predictive analytics.

Worker in safety gear balanced on tree branch

Forecast tree-related outages in your territory

See how to gain enhanced visibility into vegetation and predict potential hazards.

Vegetation management in action

Pedernales Electric Co-op creates savings and safety

The Pedernales Electric Co-op devotes millions of its annual budget to trimming vegetation near Texas power lines. By using IBM Vegetation Management, the Co-op is able to create smarter surveys — with overlays that effectively combine satellite imagery with property maps. 

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