What does IBM Storage Insights do?

IBM® Storage Insights enables you to reduce costs by reclaiming unused storage and placing the right data on the right tiers. You can rapidly detect storage availability and performance issues. It also offers streamlined, proactive support, helping resolve issues faster.

Once I have a link to the IBM Storage Insights instance, how do I get started?

Once you log into your IBM Storage Insights instance, you will be prompted to download and install the data collector. You will need to specify the storage resources that you want to monitor and analyze in the GUI. The data collector will then run in the background.

What are the requirements for the data collector?

The data collector can be extracted and run on any server that runs Windows, Linux (64-bit, RHEL 5 and higher), or IBM AIX® operating systems or a virtual machine that has access to both the internal SAN attached infrastructure as well as access to the internet to communicate with the cloud portal.

Which storage systems can be monitored by IBM Storage Insights?

Storage Insights monitors IBM block storage and more than 500 systems from IBM and others when virtualized. IBM Storage Insights Pro adds support for cloud storage managed by IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud, IBM file and object storage, and select non-IBM storage.

Can I manage multiple data centers with IBM Storage Insights?

Yes. You can download multiple data collectors to connect to storage systems located in different data centers and gain insights into the asset, capacity and performance data that is collected and analyzed in IBM Storage Insights.

How can I configure the data collector to use a proxy server?

You can specify whether you want to connect to a proxy server when you install the data collector. You can also add the user's credentials to authenticate with the proxy server.

What maintenance and support does the subscription cover?

The subscription offers support coverage 24x7, data backups and restores, monitoring and patching.

Where can I learn more about the Support options for IBM Storage Insights?

You can visit the Support forum using this Find Out More link.

What kind of data is sent to IBM Storage Insights?

Storage system metadata is sent. This includes information about the configuration of the storage system such as name, firmware and capacity; subresources of the storage system; the performance of storage system resources; and subresources such as pools and volumes.

How often can I collect performance data for the storage resources that I monitor?

For IBM Spectrum Scale storage systems, v4.1.1 and later, the collection of node and file performance metadata can be set to 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, or 60 minutes.

How can I add an IBM DS8000 storage system that uses SSL V3 or earlier versions?

To ensure the security of the HMC, the best practice is to ensure that all IBM DS8000® storage systems are patched or updated to a firmware level that does not use the SSLv3 protocol. If you want to add storage systems at an earlier firmware level, follow the directions in the link below.