You need enterprise servers designed to:

Open new possibilities

The IBM® z13® provides the infrastructure that will help differentiate a refined digital business. It offers the capacity and processing power to improve business performance and growth. The z13 helps better protect sensitive transactions to minimize business risk and client exposure, while helping to deliver on service level agreements for an exceptional customer experience. New economic efficiencies allow the z13 to offer more throughput and capabilities with less impact to the IT budget.

Perform and scale to your needs

The z13 is available with up to 141 configurable processor units for performance and scaling advantages over prior generations of the mainframe, supporting up to 8,000 virtual servers on a single footprint.

Secure transactions, data and systems

The intrinsic platform security and privacy for transactions and sensitive data helps enable IBM Z® systems to be the secure enterprise application server and data vault. IBM Z systems employ multiple cryptographic engines. Integrated into each central processor microprocessor chip is a cryptographic coprocessor that provides CP Assist for Cryptographic Function (CPACF) to deliver cryptographic and hashing functions in support of clear-key operations.

Enable resilient and flexible I/O Infrastructure

The z13 uses industry standard Peripheral Component Interconnect Express Generation 3 (PCIe) technology in the PCIe I/O drawer to support FICON®, Crypto Express, OSA-Express, and our Flash Express solid state disk. The PCIe I/O features allow better granularity and lower energy consumption along with the exploitation of industry standards. And, use of direct memory-to-memory communications can help to speed up cross systems communications.

Elevate quality of service

The z13 enables enterprise-grade Linux, one designed to be more robust and trusted for critical workloads, has higher performance and throughput at a lower cost per transaction and is integrated with new open capabilities that will lead to wider adoption of open source content. You need IBM Z systems qualities of service for your applications and the z13, along with open source investments, delivers enhancements to availability, scale, and security to meet these demands.

Outpace in the digital era

Built on IBM Z systems core values and strengths, the z13 delivers innovations and technologies to enable digital business. It is designed to handle the explosive growth of increasingly mobile clients and employees, able to leverage new and vast amounts of data, and can provide deeper real-time insight at the point for greatest business impact. All this needs to be deployed within a secure and resilient cloud ready infrastructure.

Reduce the cost of growth

The world’s most secure enterprise server is more affordable than ever. New economic efficiencies allow the z13 to deliver more value and handle more workloads – with less impact to your IT budget.

Customer case studies

  • Tesco

  • Vodafone

  • Travelport

Technical details

Software requirements

Supported Operating Systems:

  • z/OS V2.2, V2.1, V1.13, V1.12 (toleration) available via IBM Software Support Services
  • z/VM 6.3, z/VM 6.2 (toleration)
  • KVM enablement
  • z/VSE 5.1 and subsequent releases
  • z/TPF 1.1
  • Linux on z Systems. See link below for Linux support details:

Hardware requirements

Specifications will vary by model and configuration. See the Technical Guide below for details and requirements.

    Technical specifications

    z13 offers unique mainframe system capabilities unmatched by other enterprise servers. Highlights:

    • Specialty engines: IFL, zIIP, Coupling Facility
    • Security: EAL5+, ECC Digital signature, Smartcards, Crypto coprocessor and accelerators
    • I/O: FICON, FCP, Open Systems Adapter, 10 GbE RoCE/SMC-R, HiperSockets, SMC-D
    • Memory: 64 GB mimimum / 10 TB maximum
    See a complete list of technical specifications

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