Key features of IBM Z Open Development

Participate in WAZI technology preview

Interested in COBOL development in a web-based IDE? Participate in the technology preview of Wazi. It is based on the popular Theia open source project via an easy to use Docker image, which utilizes and extends the Zowe Open Mainframe project for mainframe development.

Modern editors for COBOL, JCL and PL/I

The COBOL, JCL and PL/I editors provide the familiarity and features of other Eclipse-based editors. They also provide language-specific features such as syntax highlighting and source actions.

Graphical views to improve program understanding

Program control flow provides a graphical view of the logical flow within a COBOL or PL/I program. You can use this to understand the logic of the program you are editing, identify potential logic problems or locate unused code. Program data flow provides a graphical and hierarchical view of the data flow within a COBOL program. Use this feature to examine how a data element is populated or modified. The data elements view displays information about the data elements in a COBOL or PL/I program.

Powerful and modern debugging with IBM z/OS Debugger

This eclipse based GUI source level debugger provides advanced debugging capabilities for 24 and 31 bit z/OS applications written in COBOL, PL/I and C/C++. The tool allows you to step through the program being debugged, monitor and modify variables, set breakpoints during or prior to a debug session, and inspect program memory. IBM z/OS Debugger also includes Visual Debug, which provides a graphical view of COBOL and PL/I program execution flow including the current execution path.

Modern source code management

IBM Z Open Development ships with Rocket Software Git and the EGIT Eclipse Plugin. Rocket Git can be used with a pipeline coordinator and IBM DBB to perform on z/OS a full or incremental build of an application pulled from a branch of an Enterprise Git Repository such as Github, Gitlab, or Bitbucket. Rocket Software Git is an Open Source software distributed under the GNU General Public License. Source code can be found at our Partner website.

Intelligent build capabilities

The Dependency Based Build toolkit provides a set of Java APIs that can be used to define an intelligent build script. To simplify the process of creating intelligent build scripts by using Dependency Based Build APIs, the toolkit contains an Apache Groovy installation that has been modified to run on UNIX® System Services. While the APIs can be used with any language, the samples that are provided use Groovy and are maintained in GitHub.

Simplified integrations

Dependency Based Build integration with the editor function enables users to compile their program by employing the same build scripts that are defined for the pipeline build. This includes copying the files and any dependencies to the specified host, running the build process and returning any errors and the result. In addition, IBM Z Open Development integrates with Rational Team Concert on IBM z Systems® to offer z/OS developers an integrated collaborative application development environment.

Host Configuration Assistant for Z Development tool

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