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Web Forms Supplier Community

A cloud-based customizable solution that offers an electronic alternative to the inefficient paper-based communications that customers may be relying on with their non-EDI-enabled suppliers. Create and exchange business documents electronically with a security-rich, customizable web site and provide economical B2B capabilities.

Web Forms Customer Community

A solution that allows sellers to quickly automate sales and order processing with all of their B2B sales channels including independents, retailers, dealers, wholesalers, and other sales channel partners. The solution provides a simple catalog interface feature that helps build a single seller B2B site or a multi-vendor marketing place with ease.

Web Forms Supplier and Customer Catalog

A product management software for distributors, retailers, and marketplace providers that provides complete control over catalog data syndication, marketplace selling, and digital product advertising with your trading partners.

Document Conversion Services

A solution that allows for the transformation of non-structured documents into an EDI or another structured format that you can aggregate all the small trading partners traffic through existing connections with IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network. Convert inbound faxes, email (document attachments like PDFs), postal mail, and other non-EDI documents into EDI or XML formats.

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Southwire Case Study

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