Create, manage and publish personalized content

IBM® Web Content Manager accelerates digital content development and deployment across various web and mobile channels. This comprehensive web content management system lets you create, manage and publish content for different audiences. With advanced personalization, rapid site deployment, mobile and social mobile tools, IBM Web Content Manager helps you deliver the right information to the right audience. Easy integration with multiple systems speeds up development and delivery time. Deliver and manage personalized digital experiences that are responsive, relevant and engaging.

Create rich content for digital channels

Create and manage content using rich text editing tools that enable business professionals and content experts to quickly and easily create and deliver rich web content without IT involvement.

Fast web development and delivery

Quickly develop and deploy engaging digital experiences using content and assets. Create content applications and deliver easy-to-use templates, designs, and web components.

Personalize digital experiences

Make digital experiences personal with personalization tools that help you create tailored web content based on users’ needs, behaviors, role, language, device and preferences.

Web content management lifecycle

Manage web content throughout the entire lifecycle. With project management features and contextually aware toolbar, it’s easy to create, approve, version, publish and syndicate web content.

Social and mobile content management

Social and mobile tools can help you manage different content types for social media and mobile apps. Use the social media marketing feature to syndicate and track your content to social channels.

Integrate with multiple systems

Fast and easy integration with multiple systems helps accelerate development and delivery time. Reduce project costs when deploying websites and managing content across multiple channels.

Key features of IBM Web Content Manager

  • Easy-to-manage targeted content for your organizations
  • Present assets from cloud-based Watson Content Hub
  • Create content and publish websites in minutes!
  • Highlight your website assets with content targeting

Security and privacy in the cloud

  • IBM enables companies to scale and adapt quickly to changing business needs without compromising security, privacy or risk levels when using IBM cloud offerings.

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