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IBM Watson Visual Recognition using image preprocessing

See how you can leverage image pre-processing techniques to deliver localized image classification.

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IBM Watson Visual Recognition overview

See how the ability to train the Visual Recognition API opens up a world of business use cases for computer visualization.

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OmniEarth uses Watson to combat California drought

Learn how OmniEarth uses the IBM Watson platform to develop water-conservation strategies for drought-stricken areas.

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Custom image classifier with Visual Recognition - Building with Watson

Learn how to train a classifier to identify images relevant to you and your company.

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New Watson Visual Recognition tool

Learn about functionality that enables users to create and manage their custom classifiers through a web app.

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Color tagging comes to Watson Visual Recognition

Explore how color tagging quickly assesses the dominant color schemes in an image and turns these into actionable insights.

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General tagging update for Visual Recognition

Read about the update to our algorithms that significantly enhances the performance of our general tagging feature.

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Build unique visual recognition apps with Watson: 4 easy ways to get started

Read some quick tips and resources for visual recognition--no matter what your preferred learning style may be.

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