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Get up to speed on TS1155 Tape Drive from its new data sheet

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Have quick access to your data

TS1155 Tape Drive leverages IBM Spectrum Archive™ software featuring IBM Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technology for fast access to data.

Put encryption to work for your critical data

TS1155 is designed to protect, retain and secure your critical data with encryption.

Leverage write-once-read-many cartridges

TS1155 Tape Drive allows you to take advantage of write-once-read-many (WORM) cartridges for long-term data retention.

Take advantage of proven tape drive

IBM TS1155 tape drive delivers high-performance, high-capacity storage with a proven, cost effective tape drive.

Technical details

Software requirements

See the data sheet for software requirements.

    Hardware requirements

    • 3592-55F IBM Power Systems running IBM AIX®, IBM i or Linux; IBM p Systems running AIX or Linux
    • 3592-55F (cont'd) IBM i Systems running IBM i or IBM OS/400®; open systems running Microsoft Windows
    • 3592-55E Open systems servers running Microsoft Windows

    Technical specifications

    • Native capacity uncompressed (Part 1): 15 TB or 10 TB (using JD/JZ media), 7 TB or 4 TB (JC/JY)
    • Native capacity uncompressed (Part 2): 3 TB or 2 TB (JL media)
    • Native sustained data rate uncompressed (Part 3): 900 GB or 500 GB (JK media) depending on format
    • Native sustained data rate uncompressed: 360 MBps-type D media or 300 MBps-type C media reformatted
    • Burst data rate: 800 MBps
    • High-speed search (maximum): 12.4 m/s end-end search rate

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