What IBM Tape Manager for z/VM can do for your business

IBM® Tape Manager for z/VM® organizes information about tape resources in a tape catalog. It manages tapes across multiple IBM z/VM systems, allowing you to maintain one catalog of tape volumes. It monitors tape resources and notifies you when tape resources are running low or when tape catalog disk space is near capacity.

Tape Manager for z/VM supports standard label (SL) and non-label (NL) tapes. In addition, it provides support for automated tape libraries, virtual tape libraries, and manual tape devices and physical and virtual tape libraries from IBM, Oracle® StorageTek, EMC® and Luminex.

IBM Tape Manager for z/VM

Protect tape resources

Protects tape resources through the Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) or other External Security Manager (ESM) on z/VM – or through your existing security manager.

Dynamic sharing of tape devices

Use dynamic sharing of tape devices with other z/VM and non-z/VM systems.

Valuable utilities

Employ utilities to perform data security erase, tape catalog verification and ATL content verification.

Issue mount requests

Allow users to optionally issue No Label (NL) and Bypass Label Processing (BLP) mount requests.

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