Choose IBM Technology Support Services for Cisco Products

A strong partnership with IBM and Cisco

With IBM® Technology Support Services for Cisco Products, you will benefit from the resources of the world’s largest technology support company, the expertise of Cisco and the knowledge of your IT team – all working together to ensure the best business outcomes.

More efficient support through analytics

IBM® Intelligent Networking Support (INS) for Cisco products has the power to process and correlate raw data and provide intelligence to understand a problem well enough to prevent it. INS harnesses the intelligence from all service interactions and applies it to your unique business needs. It can provide you with a more informed and customized support experience to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, accelerate problem resolution, mitigate downtime risk and improve network security.

Structured and tailored output

Through INS, you get a detailed list of findings and clear recommended actionable items.

Trending insights

INS allows you to measure your network performance and health for security vulnerabilities, hardware and software alerts and inventory status. It helps you identify the exact changes that occurred in your environment.

Technical and consultative skilled resources

The dedicated Client Innovation Center (CIC) is staffed with technical and consultative skilled resources. Its mission is to help IBM clients succeed through intelligence, agility and innovation every step along the way.

Proactive notifications

Proactive notifications are a data-driven service that helps you manage your networks with greater efficiency and safety. This allows you to evolve your maintenance model beyond the reactive/break-fix approach to a model where you can proactively mitigate potential threats.

Innovative technologies for faster, better responses

IBM supports over 30,000 different IT devices.To meet your IT maintenance needs, IBM Technology Support Services uses advanced tools such as augmented reality, the cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson®, predictive maintenance and blockchain. Using these technologies, we are able to prevent more problems, quickly identify and resolve issues, lower IT costs and simplify IT maintenance.

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