What Stakeholder Collaborator can do for you

IBM® Stakeholder Collaborator is a virtual advisory board solution that allows you to conduct primary research, educate or provide ongoing communication with stakeholders – without the time and expense of face-to-face meetings. Convenient access is available online and through a mobile app.

Stakeholder Collaborator is a flexible, web-based communication tool that helps facilitate engagement of your selected advisors locally, or from around the world – depending on your needs. Through employing web conferences, surveys and discussion boards, content can be disseminated before, during and after engagements.

IBM Stakeholder Collaborator

Make major decisions with confidence

Virtual advisory boards let you engage with stakeholders when making high stakes decisions – including research and development and trial development.

Allow stakeholders to easily participate

Busy stakeholders can participate wherever and whenever they want – home or office, before rounds or after work. Mobile, online and offline access provides flexibility to these on-the-run users.

Collaborate in a secure environment

Stakeholder Collaborator can be configured to your internal security needs and can be accessed through a login page. Advisory board members can attend meetings by logging in to a secure platform.

Provide more information to participants

Stakeholder Collaborator lets you store and access presentations. You can record meetings for live streaming and later access or use online survey tools to promote continued engagement.

Four reasons why you should use Stakeholder Collaborator

  • Regularly engage with key opinion leaders
  • Better use your virtual advisory boards
  • Keep your team focused on the most important tasks
  • Work with the best