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Simplify AI organization to easily identify, prepare and optimize file and object data for faster business and operational results. Leverage IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog and IBM Cloud Pak™ for Data with a simple one click integration for additional value and insights. Unorganized data is expensive to manage and maintain as duplicate data or data governance is a growing cost and poses security risks to the organization. IBM Spectrum Discover with its powerful ingest, data mapping, visualization and data activation is critical to create a successful and optimized AI infrastructure.
IBM Spectrum Discover

Save time

Automate cataloging of unstructured data by capturing metadata as it is created. IBM Spectrum Discover supports multiple file and object storage systems from IBM and other vendors.

Increase productivity

Enable comprehensive insight by combining system metadata with custom tags to increase productivity for storage administrators and anyone looking for insights into large data repositories.

Integrate easily

Leverage extensibility using the Action Agent API, custom tags and policy-based workflows to orchestrate deeper content inspection and activate data in AI, machine learning and analytics workflows.

Key features of IBM Spectrum Discover

  • NEW! Integration to IBM Cloud Pak for Data
  • NEW! Optimize data with more granularity
  • Supports heterogeneous file and object storage
  • Policy-based metadata tagging for data classification
  • Dashboard and customizable reporting
  • Continuous metadata ingestion without rescan
  • Fast searching enables rapid discovery of data assets
  • Content-based tagging and search
  • Secure and extensible architecture
  • Automatically identify and classify sensitive data
  • Community-supported catalog of third-party extensions

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