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IBM Hardware Support Service Extension

Whether you have one or multiple withdrawn units, IBM can customize an agreement to match your requirements by extending your existing IBM hardware maintenance agreement. The standard renewal term is 12 months but IBM offers flexibility to tailor contracts to meet your needs as you replace your withdrawn equipment. If you are not quite ready for capital expenditures, a support extension can protect your technology investment with a predictable, easier-to-manage operating expense model.

IBM Software Support Extension

IBM Software Support Services – Service extension can provide up to three years of extended support for IBM software that has reached its announced end-of-service date. Our solution provides support for “how to" questions and fixes for both new and existing defects. Additionally, our service can help you reduce your total cost of ownership by providing more cost-effective, feature-rich and thorough support.

Hard Drive Retention

IBM can help you maintain hard drives for your IBM Z, IBM Power, IBM Storage and other IBM Systems to retain possession of defective media when being replaced, and ensure control associated with protection of personal information. Hard drive retention gives you control over sensitive data ensuring retention of replaced media components, improved regulatory compliance to help avoid related penalties, and simplified asset accounting by embedding retention into maintenance costs.

Media Destruction Services

Are you required to destroy media devices containing proprietary data to remain legally compliant? Increasing legal regulations on data security make the compliance process more difficult. IBM provides an end-to-end, global offering for the certified destruction of all types of media and data— in a security-rich environment. This solution helps clients comply with new legislation, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as other already existing regulations.

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