Key features of the SAN06B-R

High-performance capabilities

The SAN06B-R specialty switch delivers high data rates for high performance applications with up to 8-Gbps Fibre Channel ports and hardware-assisted traffic processing for up to 1-Gbps line-rate performance across GbE.

Scalable and flexible platform

SAN06B-R is a scalable and flexible platform designed for building or expanding a high-performance SAN extension infrastructure for disaster recovery, data protection and data mobility storage solutions. Leveraging next-generation Fibre Channel and advanced Fibre Channel over IP technology, it provides a flexible and extensible platform to move more data faster and further than previous generations.

Utilizes IP WAN transport

The SAN06B-R is designed to utilize IP WAN transport to extend open systems and mainframe disk and tape storage applications over distances to meet a wide range of business continuity, data retention and global data access requirements using advanced Fibre Channel frame compression, disk and tape protocol acceleration, and FCIP networking technology.

Simplified management and robust network analytics

SAN06B-R with Fabric Vision technology provides a hardware and software solution that helps simplify monitoring, maximize network availability and dramatically reduce costs. Featuring innovative monitoring, management and diagnostic capabilities, Fabric Vision technology enables administrators to avoid problems before they impact operations, helping organizations meet service level agreements.

Technical details

Software requirements

Software requirements for SAN06B-R can be found here:

    Hardware requirements

    Hardware requirements for the SAN06B-R can be found here:

      Technical specifications

      IBM SAN06B-R Specialty Switch at a glance:

      • Product number: 2498-R06
      • Hot-swap components small form-factor pluggable transceivers, power supply/dual-fan modules
      • One-year warranty; customer-replaceable unit and on-site, next business day response
      • Optional features can be found in the IBM Redbooks Product Guide
      • Size: Width: 43.18 cm (7.00 in.); Depth: 64.14 cm (25.25 in.); Height: 4.45 cm (1.75 in.)
      • Weight: 10.9 kg (24 lb) with two power supplies and zero small form-factor pluggables
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