Feature spotlights

Author and enable runbook execution

This software supports varying skill sets and resource availability for manual, semi-automated and fully automated runbooks. For a manual runbook, it describes the manually driven procedures an operator has to follow using standard tools. For a semi-automated runbook, it describes what an operator has to do, with the added benefit of pre-defined automated steps. For a fully automated runbook, it is selected by the system in response to a trigger and executed without operator attention.

Simplify and automate repetitive tasks

IBM Runbook Automation helps DevOps and IT Operations management teams to simplify and automate repetitive tasks. This helps overcome organizational complexity, varying skill sets, confusing alert noise and reliance on too much manual effort, all of which contribute to delays, disruption and risk of error.This software offers flexible cloud-based and on premises interoperability management and collaboration tools to create, manage and execute guided tasks and automated activity.

Identify opportunities

IBM Runbook Automation implements automation and tracks progression of improvements using runbook execution tracking statistics. As operations teams use runbooks and follow guided steps, activity is tracked automatically as each step is completed. Once the entire activity is completed, users can click to rate their experience and provide feedback to the runbook authors.

Create runbooks, event-triggered guidance and more

IBM Runbook Automation enables event-triggered automation and knowledge capture for critical operations management workflows. It creates, tests and publishes operational automation through guided runbooks, and creates incremental push-button automation up to full hands-off automation. You can configure an event trigger to enable events in the IBM Netcool OMNIbus event management tool to direct the IT operator and other operations staff to the runbooks relevant to the event.

Technical details

Software requirements

IBM Runbook Automation requires a supported browser (Chrome 47, Firefox ESR 38.5 or Internet Explorer 11) and an Internet connection.

    Hardware requirements

    There are no hardware requirements for IBM Runbook Automation.