IBM Z OMEGAMON for JVM key features

Flexible monitoring as you grow your applications

Manage costs by monitoring the most important JVM workloads and continue to grow with flexible monitoring.

Automatic discovery of any online Java Virtual Machines

Get a clear understanding of the current Java® workload amount and where it is running in a single screen.

Detailed JVM performance in near real-time with history

Identify problematic thread and locking issues, sub-optimal JVM garbage collection performance, looping threads and CPU performance issues including z/OS-specific resources such as zIIP offload and native memory allocation.

z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition API utilization

View all completed z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition API requests, with performance statistics including response times, throughput, error codes, payload size and related service provider details – all on the same page.

Analyze native memory address space allocations

Native memory analysis shows how the overall address space memory is allocated and what is consuming it (threads, class libraries, heap etc.). Avoid out-of-memory issues by monitoring the free memory below and above the bar.

Manage MLC costs with proactive monitoring of CPU usage

Gain insights of the overall CPU consumption of the address space including zIIP offload and zIIP-eligible work that was not offloaded. Enables mainframe support teams to ensure zIIP processor and CPU capacity is optimized.

Predefined key performance indicator alerts

Continued performance monitoring through product-provided situations that track CPU performance, garbage collection, JVM health metrics and z/OS Connect EE API workloads.

Seamless integration as part the OMEGAMON monitoring family

Simplifies monitoring and management with a single-view of the mainframe and subsystems. Predefined dashboards populated with multi-level performance metrics to deliver effective user experience.

Technical details

Software requirements

See the link below for the latest software requirements.

    Hardware requirements

    There are no hardware requirements associated with this product.

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