Key features of a Komprise solution

IBM integrated solution

A solution with IBM Cloud Object Storage and Komprise can be purchased and supported directly from IBM or an IBM Business Partner. The solution has been fully tested and validated by IBM and is part of our validated solutions portfolio.

Transparent active/archive

You can manage inactive data differently from active data. By moving inactive data to IBM Cloud Object Storage, you can save as much as 70 percent on your storage costs while freeing up tier-1 storage capacity.

Data analysis and interactive ROI visualization

You can set various data management objectives and play with “what if” scenarios to understand their projected impact on footprint and costs. Komprise software interactively projects how the data footprint at the source will change based on the chosen objectives, the cost impact and the projected ROI.

Move data with no changes to user access

Komprise can move your data transparently to IBM Cloud Object Storage without using any proprietary agents or static links on the storage systems — mechanisms that have traditionally caused problems. The way users access files is designed to be transparent, and users and applications continue to see and access the data as they did before. The data is accessible both as files and as objects in IBM Cloud Object Storage, so applications can be run against the data natively in the cloud.

Easily Scales to handle data growth

The solution scales as needed by directing your NAS data to virtually unlimited capacity. The web-scale storage platform helps performance and capacity scale independently — reaching exabyte levels and beyond.

Disaster recovery for files using IBM COS

If you want to keep a copy of your data in an object storage archive in the cloud or your data center for redundancy and disaster recovery purposes, the Komprise copy policy can continuously copy data to IBM Cloud Object Storage to provide a replication site. In a disaster recovery situation, this archived data can be more easily accessed from another site directly using IBM Cloud Object Storage or as files by spinning up a Komprise Observer virtual machine (VM).

Save up to 70% & Extend NAS Capacity

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