IBM Information Management System 15 details

Pervasive encryption

Protect IBM® z/OS® data and simplify compliance by encrypting data in full-function VSAM databases on the IMS log and in selected other data sets according to encryption policy—with minimal CPU overhead and without application changes and SLA impacts.

Mobile auditability and reporting

Propagate original user identities from distributed environments to IBM IMS™ with auditability and callout security. You can also report workloads for mobile transactions. IMS 15 works with IBM z/OS Workload Manager to track and report on mobile transactions and the amount of processing that they use.

RACF password enforcement

Turn on RACF® statistics gathering for RACF password enforcement using an IMS Connect option. You can also use RACF special characters in passwords, which can be exploited by IMS and IMS Connect.

JVM 64-bit support and JVM tracking

Enable 64-bit storage and efficient memory management for native Java applications. IMS can capture the usage statistics for JVMs that run in IMS-dependent regions at specified time intervals, including elapsed run time, heap memory used, threads processed and more. The statistics can be viewed in System Management Facility (SMF). You can also use a new DD statement—//STDENV DD—in the dependent region startup JCL for improved security, flexibility and control over JVM settings.

Simplified system management

Control the operation of the IMS Logger from a single location and take advantage of a simplified resource definition process. A new type of user exit—PGMCREAT—allows program and database resources to be created dynamically for BMP and JBP regions, without requiring the resources to be predefined through system definition or a user command. Two additional z/OSMF workflows help you streamline traditional tasks and automate others.

Performance and tuning

Help maximize performance by using the IMS logger to exploit DFSMS Media Manager hardware features. Improve CPU utilization by using CPOOL instead of STORAGE OBTAIN. A new parameter for the number of concurrent active threads—MINTHRDS—enables you to tune the minimum number of concurrent active threads for an individual data store. ESAF connection thread management reduces overhead on IMS connections to the ESAF.

Availability and agility

Add a new field to existing free space in a DEDB segment and use DEDB Alter support to block ACBs for higher DEDB availability. Issue CREATE DDL statements for FastPath DEDB databases, full-function databases, and program views for self-service and rapid deployment. Automatically retrieve dynamically defined MSC resources from the repository at cold start. Check for an IMS leaving an IMSPlex and allow optional deletion of associated information.

IMS Connect enhancements

Increase the maximum number of ports from 50 to 200. Support is added for specifying a timeout for idle connections. An option is included to generate a new unique client ID when a duplicate is detected. You can convert DFSAOUE0 AOI Exit Interface to use storage above the line to avoid storage-related abends.

Announcement: IMS 15 helps build trust into transactions

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Technical details

Software requirements

IMS 15 requires the following minimum version, release or modification levels (as long as those versions remain available and supported by IBM):

  • IBM z/OS and IBM Z® systems processor
  • Java
  • IRLM
  • IBM Db2®, IBM CICS®, IBM WebSphere® MQ and IBM WebSphere Application Server

Hardware requirements

IMS 15 runs only in z/Architecture® mode on an IBM System z10® processor or higher.

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