Six good reasons to use IBM Technical Support Appliance

Streamline IT inventory and support-coverage information

The IBM Technical Support Appliance (TSA) automates your inventory information and saves your IT team from manually collecting and documenting the data – freeing you to focus on core business activities. TSA helps you avoid support gaps and simplifies support contract reconciliation. It only gathers standard inventory information from machines that you specify, so information from your IT devices and what they process are not visible or recorded – safeguarding your business data.

Ease support management while reducing time and complexity

IBM becomes your single point of contact for technical support, so you avoid the challenges and costs of managing multiple vendors. TSA can simplify data center management by consolidating your important IBM and multivendor device maintenance and inventory information into one place. It uses various IBM support tools to help you avoid the time and expense of accessing these technologies individually.

Optimize IT availability by recommending code updates

Keeping your code levels up to date is key to maintaining IT availability. TSA can reduce IBM Storage, IBM Power Systems, IBM AIX® and Linux issues by automating version update checks for these platforms. Additionally, TSA helps you manage IBM server-to-storage code compatibility to support the improved performance and stability of those environments. The solution even provides step-by-step instructions for updating code on select storage and connected servers.

Expert service delivery

IBM has the expertise you need to support your IT environment, with more than 30 years of experience in multivendor support. IBM has 19,000 worldwide support employees who handle over six million annual service requests. We are committed to providing rapid response in the event of downtime to get you back up and running with minimal impact to your business.

Innovative technologies for faster, better response

IBM supports over 30,000 different IT devices. To meet your IT maintenance needs, IBM Technology Support Services uses advanced tools such the IBM TSA, augmented reality, the cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson®, predictive maintenance and blockchain. Using these technologies, we are able to prevent more problems, quickly identify and resolve issues, lower IT costs and simplify IT maintenance to optimize availability so your team can focus on your business goals.

Include TSA with any support offering

Take advantage of TSA’s capabilities by pairing it with any Technology Support Services offering – including Power Systems support, IBM System Storage support, multi vendor support, Linux support, open source software support and others.

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