Streamline IT support management w/ IBM's advanced analytics

IBM Technical Support Appliance (TSA) automates inventory discovery and provides analysis. It intelligently gathers IT inventory and analyzes its support-coverage status. Using advanced analytics, TSA evaluates this information, combines it with IBM worldwide support information and compiles inventory and support recommendations into reports. TSA can be included with any IBM Technical Support Services offerings. It supports discovery for both IBM and non-IBM systems. You can configure TSA to discover basic support-related information such as hardware inventory, code levels, virtual machines and OS information from designated devices.

Understand what is on your network

At regular intervals, discover what devices are accessing your network – including data center equipment, virtual machines, networking components and IoT devices.

Improve technology support management

IBM TSA’s analytics-based reports and collaborative services feed into portals to create actionable recommendations.

Identify code currency

Receive operating system and firmware recommendations so that your equipment can be up to date and secure.

Six good reasons to use IBM Technical Support Appliance

  • Streamline IT inventory and support-coverage information
  • Ease support management while reducing time and complexity
  • Optimize IT availability by recommending code updates
  • Expert service delivery
  • Innovative technologies for faster, better response
  • Include TSA with any support offering

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