Provides a complete master data management solution

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management (MDM) manages all aspects of your critical enterprise data, no matter what system or model, and delivers it to your application users in a single, trusted view. Provides actionable insight, instant business value alignment and compliance with data governance, rules and policies across the enterprise. InfoSphere MDM orchestrates your data throughout the complete information lifecycle with a highly configurable framework that supports hybrid cloud environments. It empowers business and IT users to collaborate and innovate with trusted master data across the enterprise.

Extends your MDM strategy and options

A trusted MDM solution with built-in domain patterns that support a variety of industries. New analytical graph-based exploration, agile self-service access, governance and dashboard capabilities.

Reduces costs with MDM on Cloud

Provides IBM MDM on Cloud edition to lower cost through a subscription-based pricing model. Supports a smart approach to developing an MDM solution that is affordable and scales easily.

Delivers MDM data fast and accurately

Delivers accurate, near real-time views of master data throughout your organization. Supports registry or virtual style implementations, which offer quick time-to-value.

Intuitive user interface

Simplifies your ability to quickly and easily make sense of your data with a functional dashboard that provides improved user interfaces and summary views.

Enhances your ability to innovate

Empowers line of business users to collaborate, explore critical entities, gain new insights, identity potential threats and innovate.

Four compelling reasons to use IBM InfoSphere MDM

  • Delivers a trusted, accurate view of critical data
  • Extends your MDM architecture into the cloud
  • Implements an MDM style perfect for your enterprise
  • Harnesses a complete MDM solution across the enterprise
  • Leverages analytical capabilities to propel your business
  • Flexpoint licensing