Improves team decisions

In today’s business environment, delays in getting information to the right people at the right time can cause decision-making latency. Too often, the process slows down, waiting for people to return emails or get back to the office to review their data. But with IBM Concert, out of the office no longer means out of the loop. Guided business processes and personalized task lists delivered through a highly graphical user interface dramatically improve the speed and quality of team-based decision-making.
IBM Concert

Shares personalized task lists

Highlights priorities and walks through projects step-by-step to highlight important, time-sensitive tasks and improve efficiency.

Enables collaboration

Increases your ability to act upon insights by easily collaborating and sharing data analysis with anyone, anywhere to build consensus around business decisions.

Enables mobility

Includes activity streams to alert you to changes and collaborative insights as they occur, so prioritized tasks can be acted upon sooner.

Deploys in cloud

Delivers a web-based, cloud deployable solution that can be tailored to each individual’s activities and tasks.

Four key reasons why you need Concert on Cloud

  • Optimize performance and task management
  • Improve team collaboration
  • Mobile enabled
  • Cloud deployable