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What is IBM Cloud Private?

IBM® Cloud Private is a transformative private cloud platform that provides the benefits of the public cloud from the safety of your firewall-protected data center. There are three levels of support for clients using IBM Cloud Private: IBM Cloud Private Digital Support, IBM Cloud Private Business Support and IBM Cloud Private Premium Support.

IBM Cloud Private Digital Support

This option provides English-language support for clients who are evaluating the platform or services for free, doing a proof of concept or running non-production platforms. The digital option offers online self-service 24/7 support access to documentation, forums and media, and provides proactive notifications.

IBM Cloud Private Business Support

This option provides support for clients who are building or running production workloads and want the ability to open cases with IBM Support. It includes the same support as the digital option, while allowing you to self-manage your cases. It also provides assisted tech support with service request logging available 24/7 by phone. Response times will vary based on severity, but IBM Support is available 24/7 for all issues labeled severity 1.

IBM Cloud Private Premium Support

This option provides the highest response time for clients who are building and running mission-critical production systems and want a Client Success Manager (CSM) to help optimize their business. It includes everything in the business option, but receives prioritized case handling. The CSM provides focused attention on issues, connects clients with experts, highlights new IBM Cloud Private functionality, and provides a closed loop mechanism for feedback, requirements and change requests.