Feature spotlights

Dedicated, security-rich cloud

This single-tenant storage cloud instance can be on your premises, or in an IBM data center, or in IBM Cloud. Additionally, you can run your applications in IBM Cloud with fast and secure storage with a IBM Direct Link Dedicated Hosting. Your data stays more secure and is supported by data-at-rest encryption.

IBM managed, trusted

This private cloud is managed by IBM, a trusted market leader in IT services. This means that IBM installs, manages and monitors the equipment for you around the clock. We proactively fix issues, perform repairs, and maintain the hardware and firmware to keep the storage device running and to take advantage of the latest feature releases.

Right sized and tiered

This is not a “one size fits all” offering. Multiple block, file and object data tiers are designed to provide accelerated performance for critical applications and cost-effective storage for less-accessed data, for both your structured and unstructured data.

Dynamic over time

The private cloud is responsive and adaptive as your capacity requirements fluctuate. IBM automatically ensures capacity and cost align to your usage. Easily move data to different tiers when your application requirements change. Over time, technology upgrades are included in the service.

Integrated with IBM Services Platform with Watson (ISPW)

The solution provides cloud based management and insights to improve productivity and IT efficiency.

No long-term commitment

You can cancel at any time with 60 days’ notice after a six-month initial commitment. Compared with a capital expense (CAPEX) purchase or long-term lease, this can give you more financial flexibility without having to put your critical data in the public cloud.

Mission critical persistent storage target

Ideal storage target for cloud platforms such as IBM Cloud Private and OpenShift.

“No surprise” pricing

Purchase on a standard USD/GB/month basis for each data tier.

Realize as-a-service benefits with dedicated cloud storage.

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How customers use it

  • Improve your business agility.


    Procurement of IT infrastructure and daily management, in a rapidly complex data landscape, is challenging. Public clouds have many benefits but may have capacity constraints; limited workload types and data testing; and unpredictable pricing models.


    Lower your average costs by up to 79% in the first year, and gain the benefits of a pay per use operating expense model with a managed, dedicated storage cloud. IBM's STaaS services offer your enterprise the agility to improve your IT business needs.

  • What to consider when choosing a STaaS vendor.


    Security and data protection are top concerns when using cloud storage. Organizations need to know what to look for when choosing a vendor that best fits the enterprise needs.


    IBM’s private cloud storage is designed to insure your data is secure, protected and available. It provides as-a-service benefits with a fully managed dedicated customer storage cloud that is available on premises or in an IBM data center.

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